Margaret Scudamore (Lynn's Grandmother)

Roy Redgrave (Lynn's Grandfather)

1913 Roy Redgrave (far right) in a publicity still for the silent film THE CRISIS. Courtesy The Film Archive, National Library of Australia

1940s Rachel Kempson

1949 Father and mother, publicity still for "The Captive Heart"

1950s Rachel Kempson

1951 Michael Redgrave as "Richard II," Stratford on Avon

1953 Michael Redgrave as "King Lear," Stratford on Avon

1959 The Redgraves in their new London home (clockwise from left: Vanessa, Rachel, Sir Michael, Corin, Lynn)

1966 Lynn & Vanessa
Photo/Image by Roddy McDowall
1970s With mother

1976 January 2, 1976: Permanent Resident Status in the US: with the head of Immigration, Ben, and Kelly (spoiling Ben's first photo op). First granted in the year of the bicentennial.

1990s Rachel Kempson

1990s Corin Redgrave

Vanessa, Lynn, and their mother backstage at Shakespeare For My Father
Photo/Image by C.J. Zumwalt

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