Los Angeles: January 15-March 5, Ahmanson Theatre
Columbus:  March 9-12,  Southern Theatre
New Haven:  March 14-19, Shubert Theatre
Phoenix:   March 23-26, Herberger Theatre
New York: April 18-May 14, BAM

by Oscar Wilde

"New Yorkers who have not yet had the pleasure should therefore pay a visit to the Brooklyn Academy of Music" --
Charles Isherwood, The New York Times
"Redgrave understands the play’s opera-buffa elements, and she adds to them by taking charge of her role with the single-minded aggression of the lone fag hag in a gay bar."
Hilton Als, The New Yorker

Jack loves Gwendolen. Algernon loves Cecily. The women, too, are in love, with men they believe to be called Ernest - “that name that inspires absolute confidence.”

While Gwendolen’s Ernest seems perfectly honorable, Cecily’s is ostensibly wicked. Yet both have bent the truth and neither is quite who he says he is. The four lovers find themselves together in the country, snared in romantic entanglements only the sharp wit of Oscar Wilde could devise and resolve.


Lynn Redgrave

Miriam Margolyes

Terence Rigby

Sir Peter Hall directs the Center Theatre Group production of the Oscar Wilde classic.  Lynn Redgrave takes on the role of Lady Bracknell.  The cast includes Miriam Margolyes, Terence Rigby, Bianco Amato, Charlotte Parry, Robert Petkoff, James Waterston, Geddeth Smith, James Stephens, Greg Felden, Margaret Daly and Diane Landers.


"This is a faithful, genial production, composed of crisp, lucid performances and unfussy staging." -- Steven Oxman, Variety

"Wilde's Importance of Being Earnest Shines With Lynn Redgrave" -- Stephen West, Bloomberg

"A Winning Wilde" -- Jeff Favre, Los Angeles Downtown News

"Hilarious Fun" -- Kerry Lengel, Arizona Republic

"The most outstanding performance of the play would have to go to Lady Bracknell, played by Lynn Redgrave.  Redgrave, nominated for Tony and Academy Awards, delivers a commanding performance.  Her remarkable stage presence carries her hilarious character to new heights and leaves the audience constantly laughing and shocked by her witty and fierce dialogue." -- Ruchika Gupta, Daily Trojan

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