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Georgy (Lynn Redgrave) is a gawky, soft-hearted, badly-dressed young woman who clowns and wise-cracks to cover her emotional inadequacies, and to hide her envy of the casual love affairs engaged in by her London roommate, Merdith (Charlotte Rampling)Sketch for poster



"One of the rare, great, wild memorable pictures" -- Archer Wilson, N.Y. Post

GEORGY GIRL, a world-wide smash, was a ground-breaking film -- one of the first to deal with the sexual revolution of the '60s.  There was considerable pressure to censor the film's "frank and ultramodern" portrayal of complex relationships.   It was also part of the leading edge of European films invading American theaters.   And, of course, it marked the auspicious debut of its star, Lynn Redgrave, who won the Golden GlobeŽ for Best Actress, the New York Film Critics Award for Best Actress, and was nominated for the Academy AwardŽ for Best Actress of 1966.




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