The Annihilation of Fish


A Jamaican man named Fish, played by James Earl Jones, settles in at a seedy Los Angeles triplex following an extended stay in a New York mental institution.  His constant companion is a cantankerous demon (invisible to all but Fish.)

1742.jpg (12911 bytes)Poinsettia (Lynn Redgrave) is also temporarily esconced in the rundown building. Formerly a battered San Francisco housewife, she is haunted by her own demons: her lover is the composer of Madam Butterfly, Giacomo Puccini. The fact that he died in 1924 is the only thing preventing them from getting married. The disappointed Poinsettia has abandoned Puccini for the lights of L.A.  
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(Super) Naturally, Fish and Poinsettia meet, and the sparks really begin to fly -- with amazing consequences!

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Look Out!  She's got a gun!!

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