Written & Directed by Bill Condon

Outfest Screen Idol Award -- Best Supporting Actress

Lynn Redgrave in KINSEY
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Photo by Ken Regan/Fox Searchlight

The film rallies spectacularly at the climax, with a show-stopping cameo by Lynn Redgrave as a woman giving her sexual history that beautifully puts the importance of Kinsey's work into perspective.-- Lou Lumenick, New York Post

Perhaps most touching of all is Lynn Redgrave, whose lovely monologue at the film's end bestows upon it a closing grace note that moved me to tears and may (should), even for its brevity, earn her a Supporting Actress nomination. --Scott Weinberg, EFILMCRITIC.COM

Lynn Redgrave, as a lesbian interview subject, and William Sadler, as an all-purpose deviant, deliver astonishing cameos.-- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

Lynn Redgrave will touch your soul as a lesbian whose testimony to Kinsey’s research has a life-affirming effect. -- Rex Reed, NEW YORK OBSERVER

There's a brief, beautiful sequence near the end, featuring Lynn Redgrave as another sort of late bloomer -- an elderly woman who, after reading Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, finally comes to terms with the lesbian feelings she has tried to suppress for decades. The peerless Redgrave sends us out of the theater in tears of triumph, and she connects Kinsey's science to a very human face. She shows us that, in preaching tolerance, open-mindedness and progressiveness, Alfred Kinsey was really saying this: You're never too old to learn to love yourself. -- Christopher Kelly, Fort Worth Star Telegram

In a touching scene near the end of the film, Lynn Redgrave plays a woman who tells Kinsey his work freed her from guilt to love another woman. "You saved my life," she says, her radiantly grateful face and brimming eyes filling the screen. She gets up and lays her hand on Kinsey's in quiet communion. It's a sweet, poignant coda for a man who's near the end. -- Steven Winn, San Francisco Chronicle

Dr Kinsey (Liam Neeson) and his last interview subject (Lynn Redgrave)
Photo by Ken Regan/Fox Searchlight

I would be remiss if I didn't single out Lynn Redgrave for praise. Her appearance absolutely floored me, and I think it may be the single most beautiful scene in an American film so far this year, crystallizing why the struggle to normalize all the variations in human desire is so important. -- Moriarty, AINT IT COOL NEWS

Perhaps its most delicious and interesting moments are saved till the very end, when Lynn Redgrave turns up to offer more insights into human sexuality. -- Arthur J Pais, Rediff India

Not until he was near the end of his life did Kinsey fully grasp the value of his work. An older woman (beautifully played by Lynn Redgrave) tells him of her long marriage, and about finding true love only after taking another woman in her arms.-- Bruce Newman, SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS

The most memorable turn is at the end, with Lynn Redgrave’s impeccable, dignified performance as an elderly lesbian who credits the doctor’s research with saving her life. -- Kristian Lin, Fort Worth Weekly

Redgrave’s radiance shines in a closing cameo as a woman whose thanks to Kinsey are intended to represent all those whose lives were changed by his studies. -- Frank Swietek, ONE GUY'S OPINION

One pleasant surprise is a small but effective cameo by Lynn Redgrave as Kinsey's final interview subject. In the space of about a minute or two, her character puts all of the scientist's research efforts into perspective and points out the incredible changes he evoked in America and the world. -- Robin Clifford, REELING REVIEWS

It (the scene between Kinsey and his father) is one of the best movie scenes of the year, but there's an even better one in "Kinsey," in which a brief, brilliant performance by Lynn Redgrave illustrates — for Kinsey and for us — what a profound impact he has had. -- Chris Hewitt, St Paul Pioneer Press

Lynn Redgrave is outstanding in a tiny role that sums up the impact Kinsey had on people—not on scientists, not on the masses, but on individual Americans. -- Sarah Chauncey,

A penultimate scene shows a sick and discouraged Kinsey partially vindicated after conducting an interview with a once-married middle-aged woman who has a secret crush on another woman. Haunted by grief, depression and guilt, the woman was on the verge of suicide when Kinsey’s books came out. Upon reading them, she discovered that there were many people like her, giving her the courage to confess her feelings to the other woman, who then reciprocated with the confession of a secret longing that she too had been afraid to disclose. Mr. Condon pulls out all the visual stops for this sequence (the woman is played with intensity and bravura by Lynn Redgrave in unprecedented close-up), concluding with her grateful grasp of Kinsey’s hands for saving her life. -- Andrew Sarris, NEW YORK OBSERVER

Liam Neeson, Lynn Redgrave, Annabel Clark and Bill Condon
On the Set of Kinsey
Photo by Ken Regan

And Lynn Redgrave -- who turned in an Oscar nominated performance in Gods and Monsters -- appears in a small but crucial scene, vindicating all of Kinsey's work during his darkest hour. -- Jeffrey M. Anderson, COMBUSTIBLE CELLULOID

The film’s last sexual interview comes from a once-repressed elderly lady, who tells the now-aged Kinsey how his book changed her life, giving her the courage to approach a woman she had long loved in secret. She found her feelings were reciprocated, and the two women were then currently in a long term, happy relationship. What gives this admission currency is that the confessing woman is played by Lynn Redgrave, who has talked freely about the turmoil her father, the great actor Michael Redgrave, experienced because he lived in a time when he could not, in her words, "be true to his nature." Redgrave’s appearance here seems to be her way of telling him she understands what he suffered. -- Boo Allen, DENTON RECORD CHRONICLE (TX)

A brief, brilliant performance by Lynn Redgrave illustrates — for Kinsey and for us — what a profound impact he has had. -- Chris Hewitt, ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS

Photo by Annabel Clark

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